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One of the AMP20 Energy Modules series family.

Please download the datasheet for more detail.

Regarding the AMP20 Energy Modules series:

Nanophosphate® AMP20 Energy Modules: Designed for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle applications, our automotive class prismatic modules are built to deliver high energy without compromising power performance. These modular building blocks enable design flexibility for robust systems, offering a wide range of configuration options to meet vehicle requirements. Each module comes equipped with battery management electronics for cell balancing, voltage and temperature regulation. The modules are designed for liquid and air cooling at the system level.

The AMP20 Energy Modules are the building blocks for our turnkey Energy Core Packs.

Primary Applications:

Passenger and commercial plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)
Passenger and commercial electric vehicles (EVs)
Grid systems


Aluminum fin face cooling
Laser welded buss bars
Integrated cell level fusing
Cell balancing - extended life
Compression system
Reconfigurable for many applications – same BOM


Core cell: AMP20 Prismatic Cell
Configurations: 6S – 28S (Nominal voltage: 19.2 – 89.6V)
                             1P – 13P (Nominal capacity: 20 – 260Ahs)
Up to 5.38 kWh per module
Discharge power: 3C Continuous, 10C Peak (10 sec)
Thermal management: can be liquid or air cooled

* Modules are not available for consumer use or aftermarket conversion kits