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NEC Energy Solutions ALM 12V7s Lead Acid Replacement Battery

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ALM Lead Acid Replacement Batteries
Datasheet ALM 12V7
User Guide ALM 12V7 User Guide
System Design Guide ALM 12V7 System Design Guide
White Paper Nanophosphate Lithium Ion Battery Chemistry

Our solutions are drop in replacements for 12V lead-acid batteries.  Our solutions provide:
•         Exceptional cycle life even at deep depth-of-discharge and partial state-of-charge
•         Very long float, calendar, and shelf life also at extreme temperatures
•         Lighter weight; weighing less than half that of comparable lead acid batteries
•         Full rated capacity even at high discharge rates
•         Lower total cost of ownership
•         Superior safety and abuse tolerance due to stable non-oxide chemistries
•         EverSafe™ battery technology; Protection at the cell, battery, and system level
•         Safety and Regulatory Certifications.
•         Compatibility with existing lead-acid charging systems
•         Very fast recharge, 20 minutes or less (down to 6.7 min for ALM 12V7s HP)